YouTube Channel Analyzer

Structured analysis of your YouTube channel. From the channel over the engagement to the videos. What YT-Rank do you have?

ROCKIT YouTube channel analyzer

How's your ROCKIT YT rank?

Analyze your YouTube channel with our free tool and find weaknesses and potential for optimization – based on our comprehensive study of the YouTube success factors – on/in your YouTube channel.

The powerful analysis provides you with information, as a benchmark comparison with the top 100 YouTubers in Germany, on the following points:

Channel: is all necessary channel information available?

  • Channel description
  • Channel image
  • Channel trailer
  • Etc.

Engagement: interaction with your YouTube channel as a benchmark comparison.

  • Video hits
  • Hits per video
  • Hits before a new subscription
  • Etc.

Videos: your last 9 videos analyzed in detail.

  • Description
  • Tags
  • Engagement (clicks, likes, comments, etc)
Please note that, with the use of this tool, there will be a a connection established with the YouTube and the Google+ API. For further information please refer to the YouTube Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.
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