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PinterMation from ROCKIT-INTERNET is the perfect Pinterest-tool for automated management of your pinboards & pins. More reach in less time!

PinterMation – Your Social-Media-Tool for more reach on Pinterest

Images play an important part on social media sites: unique, extraordinary and creative pictures have become an integral part in the digital world. Therefore platforms that contain visually appealing content have become important players in the social media mix.

Instagram, being part of the Facebook-universe, is still on the top of all photo sharing platforms, but it is being closely followed by Pinterest – and the latter is gaining more popularity each day.

The principle of Pinterest is simple: It is a digital pinboard. Every user can create his own pinboards and repin and / or like the pictures (pins) of other users.

The number of users has increased steadily, as these figures from Germany show:

Image - Rockit-Internet - Pintermation Tool - Pinterest in Google Trends
Pinterest in Google Trends.

This growth makes Pinterest increasingly interesting for businesses: In a relatively short period of time, an enormous reach can be achieved through re-pinning outstanding images, which will help draw the attention of potential customers to companies’ offers.

Despite this great potential, due to lack of time, many companies decide against including social media services such as Pinterest in their marketing mix. That’s where our PinterMation tool comes in: It helps marketers to save time and still get the maximum reach. With auto-scheduling and simple handling through a single data feed (also directly generated from your system), pinboards and pins are created, kept up to date and deleted. Increase your reach and the number of your followers and pins now with PinterMation – overnight!

Is PinterMation suitable for you?

With years of experience as online marketing specialists, we know that the needs of our customers can differ. In order to meet the special requirements of as many users as possible we have designed PinterMation so that we are able to support a large user group.

Our main target groups include:

  • Companies & individuals with multiple accounts.
  • Accounts for which many pinboards and pins have to be managed
  • Users who would like to engage in cross-posting from other platforms (e.g. Instagram).
  • E-Commerce companies who want to increase traffic in their stores.
PinterMation Tool - generation Traffic - Pinterest to Amazon

We will be happy to discuss how to make the best use of the potential of PinterMation for your initial situation in a one-on-one consultation.

Graph - PinterMation inreases reach, followers and pins
Rockit-Internet - Pintermation Tool - Increase your reach, the number of your followers and pins with PinterMation
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Why is PinterMation important for your company?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could share strategically valuable content on any relevant online marketing platform at the same time? It sure would! But even though this is not the most complex task, it is a very time-consuming one. Therefore when it comes to priorities, social media is often left behind. This is precisely the situation in which you are saved by PinterMation.

Our tool offers enormous time savings when managing many and, above all, major Pinterest accounts:

Pintermation Tool - Accountmanagement
PinterMation Tool - Account Management

In addition, by using PinterMation you will benefit from these useful advantages:

  • Simplicity: You can easily manage pins using data feeds.
  • Automated: The tool enables you to pin several hundred (or even thousands) of pins to your boards automatically. Especially E-Commerce companies with a constantly growing product range could benefit from this method as it is a great time-saver that makes manual management obsolete.
  • Permanently active: Create a timeline for posting your pins using pin scheduling. This pin schedule generates a positive “noise floor”, which leads to more likes and repins – and resulting in an increased reach in the long run as the Pinterest algorithm and the users are constantly presented new pins. When it comes to who snags the top board spots, active accounts are definitely preferred.
  • Flexibility: Easily move pins from one board to another, just as you wish. This feature is very useful in keeping your boards up to date by moving your pins e.g. from a “special offer board” such as “Spring Sale”, to another board such as “Summer Sale”.

Overall, with PinterMation you gain valuable time which you then are able to invest in other projects and, as a result, increase the efficiency of your day-to-day business.

PinterMation Tool - schedule pins
PinterMation - Easily manage pins using data feeds
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Summary of the PinterMation functions

PinterMation’s features allow you to:

  • Manage multiple Pinterest accounts.
  • Auto-schedule: Set a schedule for pinboards and pins. Start and end time can be defined in freely selectable time intervals (minutes, hours, days).
  • Create, update and delete your pinboard via data feed and comfortably few clicks.
  • Extract and edit your data feed automatically via your FTP server.
  • Extra: All processes are managed web-based. You do not need to download additional programs.

Are you now curious what PinterMation can do for your business? Would you like to benefit from more reach in less time spent on social media? Do not hesitate to get in touch to arrange a free consultation meeting. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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