International SEO Tools

We use a broad variety of different SEO tools each day to improve our websites and make them rock the ranking here in Germany, here is a collection of some of our favourite and best seo tools specifically for multilingual and international seo;

What is an Impressum

You want to do business online in Germany… you need an Impressum


What are common mistakes you see from people using the disavow links tool

Common mistakes you need to avoid using Google´s disavow links tool. It is more important than you imagine! Especially if you are not a SEO-professionell, take car for what Matt is recomending!

cocaine in my rockit brain

Inverse Document Frequency, that´s what we intensively are discussing in case of SEO

That is what we are working on, to find a more scientifically way to explore it.

Recent SEO News Stories We’ve Been Reading

It’s been a fairly busy month or so in the world of SEO so I’d thought I would share a few interesting articles that we have been reading; they include the big flower scandal, some interesting international SEO stories, Facebook insights and good reads on link building for the future.

Are you searching for a German SEO company?

Because we are passionate with a proven expertise in the topic of SEO and we work in an absolute transparent and coherent manner with our end goal being a top ranking in Google & co.

Global Market Finder

International SEO – Part 2

You can read Part 1 here first to find our more about running an international and multilingual website.

German Valentine’s Day SEO Keywords

It’s that time of the year again for all you romeo’s and lovers out there, so after our German Christmas keywords post I’d thought I’d give you some more ideas about different German language SEO keywords, this time just in time for the 14th of February for Valentine’s day.

German Christmas SEO Keywords

Well the snow has arrived, the Glühwein is being drunken, the christmas markets are in full swing and the Christmas trees are already up and decorated; so by this time you should either be well underway or you must start today!

Counting the Cost of Buying a European Domain

We have been looking at lately into buying a few different European country code top level domains (cc-tld) for an international SEO campaign we have running, and we found some differences in prices and restrictions on registering and running a website on these different TLD’s. As we are from Munich we know that in Europe […]