Germany Vs UK: SEO Agency Cup

Germany and the UK have a long footballing history together and things can often get heated, and nothing is different on the internet field with SEO agencies… well maybe just a few more red cards are handed out! This isn’t Wembley 66’ or Munich 01’ – this is www 13’.

So what were we interested in: Which of these countries in the SEO World Cup (or should I say in our SEO Cup) dominated the game with the golden Google-Ball. These are the main themes we looked at when reviewing agencies from both lands;

  • Where are the SEO hotspots in the UK and in Germany
  • What services do the agencies offer
  • Which social media networks do the agencies use
  • How active are the agencies with social media
  • What are the most attractive SEO jobs
  • What type of wage could you expect at a SEO agency

Clear: London scores a goal against the German cities – the SEO hotspots in Germany are spread out more than in the UK

The English capital has also become the hotspot for the SEO industry in the UK with almost 50% of all agencies finding a home within the greater London area. In Germany we can see that there are some major hotspots like Munich, Berlin and Hamburg but so far none of these cities have become the SEO capital of Germany. Although we believe (as a Bavarian agency) that Munich clearly has the lead :)

SEO Agencies Location

Comparing SEO agencies: Which services do they offer and what social media networks do they use

It is obvious that the main focus of every SEO agency both here and in the UK is on general SEO, so we have to look deeper to find a difference between the services offered at both groups of agencies. We can clearly see that the UK are ahead in services like PPC, email, content and in the mobile marketing world, perhaps the UK is more curious about new trends/technology and strives to keep ahead of competitors. But in Germany people are often a little skeptical with new trends and they tend to wait a little longer for them to develop better.

The area where German agencies clearly stand out is in multilingual and international SEO, but that doesn’t come as a shock. Germany is a land surrounded by 9 other countries with 6 other main languages (as well as many others throughout Europe), and when you factor in also that English is the dominate language on the internet – we simply must work with multilingual and international SEO to maintain a position in the global market.

SEO Agencies Services

The area of social media is important in both lands, but even here we can see some clear differences. On the continent hardly any German agencies use Pinterest, whereas in the UK it is far more popular tool with the British regularly posting pictures and graphics.

The use of professional network social media is interesting as well; as you can see in the UK agencies see absolutely no use in using the predominately German spoken Xing whereas in comparison agencies in German are far more active in the international Linkedin – perhaps obtaining more skills and resources in order to establish themselves internationally.

Social Media at SEO Agencies

In the area of social media we didn’t just look into what specific social media networks the agencies use, but also how often the agencies twitter – we did this primarily to see just how active the agencies are in the social media world. We can see here again that the German agencies are lagging behind their UK counterparts, with the British agencies tweeting more often (although we can’t tell you accurately how useful those Tweets are).

Twitter at SEO Agencies

SEO agencies on the hunt for new employees

We searched through and for the top 150 jobs in the respective SEO industries, and we found some interesting and differing results. In Germany a third of all jobs posted were for trainees who need no specific university degree and are trained in-house. Whereas in the UK it becomes a slightly harder task for the kids to snatch a position at a good agency, here there are required to have some sort of degree in marketing, I.T. or a similar related degree.

SEO Jobs

Germany Vs the UK – The question of money

We have to admit it… here in Germany when it comes to questions about salary we can be very prudish! Hardly any other country makes such a mystery out of what people can earn in different industries. It is done here to protect employers/employees from any type of envy or resentment when others find out exactly what they earn… perhaps it was implemented by politicians! We believe that if you do a good job you should be remunerated accordingly and not be ashamed of it, even the guys at Radio4Seo said something about it. They said (in case your German language skills have lapsed) that on average in Germany trainees can expect to earn €1300 per month and a junior SEO can expect up to €30,000 per year, but there is no definite limit set, so if you want earn more you should specialize in one area and develop into an expert.

So, unfortunately in this section we can only review what you can earn in SEO in the UK and not from Germany, here are the results from what we found on job advertisements;

UK SEO salary

Conclusion: The UK wins the SEO World Cup :(

In the FIFA world rankings Germany is number 2 and England number 4; in the ROCKIT comparison rankings the UK is ahead of Germany! The British seem to be ahead when it comes to the use of the latest online media as well as the general use of the internet… maybe we can say they are real online junkies! But just like in football there will also be an SEO Agency Cup rematch, and as long as we give it our all we cannot be beaten.

You’re spoiled for choice

We even have a second infographic for you! One comes from this year’s new Rocker Sven Leitl and the other was outsourced. Our personal favorite is Sven’s version, but we will leave that decision up to you!

You can download the Infographics below;

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