Amazon German Market Entry

Would you also like to rock the German e-commerce market – especially through Amazon – in addition to your domestic market?

ROCKIT-INTERNET will help you make the perfect German market entry and will push you right to the very top of the product listing!


Amazon German Market Entry

ROCKIT-INTERNET optimizes your products for entering the German market on

The fact that you as an online retailer would want to enter the German e-commerce market using as the platform to do so definitely makes a lot of business sense: is the highest-grossing e-commerce platform in Germany by a mile, and Germany on the other hand is Amazon’s highest-grossing market in Europe (it has even edged ahead of the UK). And products are really easy to find online when you use Amazon.

Infografic - Annual net sales of Amazon in selected leading markets from 2014 to 2016

We at ROCKIT-INTERNET are passionate experts when it comes to marketplace optimization, and we will invest this same passion to ensure that your German market entry goes perfectly! Because we know exactly how to push your product description to the top of the ranking list, which ensures that your product will be found ahead of any of those of your competitors. Our excellently trained content-editorial team consisting of exclusively native speakers draft product texts that specifically address German customers on Amazon and add a further layer of quality and integrity to your online offer.

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Online commerce in Germany: Challenges of market entry

Each market has its own individual idiosyncrasies. Good arguments for a product that are positively received by online shoppers in France or in the Netherlands may well be irrelevant or even misleading for German customers. This is why the target-group optimization of the way you offer your products and services through your online presence is so important – just mentioning keywords is simply not enough!

Grab and hold potential customers’ attention with high-quality and informative texts that are optimized to address the target-group you are going after

In order to ensure that your online presence is taken seriously and to guarantee a good ranking, you should definitely have your German-language titles, bullet points/attributes and descriptions written by experienced, native-speaker copywriters – mere translation service providers or Google Translate are simply not viable alternatives. A further risk when using a Google Translate translation is that will not be able to match and bring the products and keywords together. An error-free, informative, authentic product text on the other hand perfectly conveys the message to the person reading it that you know and respect them.

You can get an impression of the excellent quality of texts that we produce by going to, among other places, our blog entry on Creating Content.

Tip: When it comes to product descriptions for the German e-commerce market, our experience has shown that the benefits and functionality of the respective product or service should be described. With German customers it is mostly the case that the quality of an item is more important than the price and they like and appreciate products that are long-lasting and efficient – products that deliver on what they promise. Your General Terms & Conditions, the contact details of the customer support and the return & refund conditions should also be presented in a clear and transparent manner.

In a nutshell: Why ROCKIT-INTERNET is the right agency for your German market entry via Amazon

Benefit from our Marketplace Optimization Service and rock your German market entry with

  • professional evaluation of the competitors
  • professional drafting of product descriptions, titles and bullet points/attributes in the German language
  • the use of keyword research/SEO optimization and the appropriate way of addressing your target-group and
  • a product listing that is at the very top of the pile as a result!

E-commerce giant Amazon is still growing at a disproportionately strong rate in Europe – make sure to get into the market now while it is still manageable and launch your products in Germany!

ROCKIT INTERNET will be your Amazon Agency in Germany, helping you in Germany, Austria and other european countries like Italy, Spain, France and the UK.

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