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Classical music, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Speed Metal? All of them, because we’re diversified and well tuned!
100% performance plus 100% passion! We rock, on stage & backstage.
Our experts in Online Marketing, Web Development and Air Guitar.

Our team

The who is who of ROCKIT

Ralf Zmölnig

CEO and Founder

Alexa Sewzick

CCO / Key Account Managerin / Head of Business Development

Kerstin Wondratschek

Senior Finance Manager / Human Resources / Assistant to the CEO

Christoph Burkhart

Key Account Manager/ Senior Sales Consultant

Sanja Focke

Sales Consultant

Balint Morocz

Senior Online Marketing Manager

Christoph Seichter

Online Marketing Manager

Susann Schönwald

Junior Online Marketing Manager

Moritz Vollmer

Online Marketing Manager / Data Analyst

Blanca Caimari

Junior Online Marketing Manager

Dorothea Soszka

Online Marketing Managerin / Reputation Managerin

Thomas Döveling

Senior Content Manager / Reputation Manager

Olivera Reiz

Junior Reputation Managerin

Maria Knies

Reputation Managerin/ Content Managerin

Isabel Loracher

Junior Reputation Managerin

Tina von Garrel

Editor/ Content Managerin

Janine Adomeit

Editor / Content Managerin

Dajana Böhm

Editor / Content Manager

Susanne Feiler

Editor / Content Manager

Simone Frenz

Junior Product Manager

Daniel Brunner

Video-Producer / Cutter

Sylvia Schütt

Office Managerin / Accounting Assistance

Andreas Kramer

CIO / Senior Web Developer / Content Developer

Jonas Wondratschek

Web Developer / IT Operator

Silke Bleninger

Web Developer

Jan Wege

Senior Software Engineer Web

Jens Wege

Software Engineer Web

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